Sun Prints

The sun came out just for an hour, enough time for children & their families to work together to compose their ‘Sun Print’ collages.

Families walked through the surrounding bushland, their eyes searching for interesting shapes, patterns and textures. Feathers, banksia leaves, marri blossoms & even a dragonfly shell were carefully layered onto a sheet of paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals. These were delicately carried to the sunlight, where squeals of delight were heard from children as the paper changed from blue to white as the sun’s rays hit the paper and started the exposing process.

We immersed our prints into water to stop the exposing process and to fix the image onto paper. Once dry the blue of the paper deepened to an exquisite indigo blue and revealed the incredible silouette’s, pattern & textures of our collections. It was an absolutely magic workshop!

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