Mono Printing with guest Artist Francesco Geronazzo

On Saturday we had our first guest Artist Francesco Geronazzo join us for workshop number 4 ‘Mono Printing with Leaves’, and what an incredible success! Francesco studied Fine Arts in Italy and now has his own art studio in Margaret River and operates under the name of Margaret River Printmaking. Looking around his studio you can see a kaleidoscope of printed images referencing back to the origins of the natural world around us.

As Francesco took us through a demonstration of the mono printing process, eyes lit up and our attention was captured as the process was revealed. We watched as Francesco rolled the gel plate with colourful inks and created one off prints layered with a variety of textures, shapes and silhouettes made with natural found objects from the bush. 

Isla inking up her gel plate!

Then it was our turn, and how time fly’s when one is immersed in that amazing creative space! For the next couple of hours, it was heads down as children, parents & carers worked together rolling colours and choosing leaves, feathers, stems & blossoms to create their own unique prints.

At the end of our creative workshop we admired hundreds of incredible prints, all uniquely their own, permanently capturing the natural items that we found in the bush. Thank you once again Francesco, for your creative guidance and for showing us that the world is ours to create with!

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