Exploring Patterns in Nature

The Community Garden was noticeably fresher now that Djeran, the Noongar Season in April-May that brings cooler weather and winds, had set in.  We were about to start the first part in a two part series of Weaving Stories of Boodja workshops, Part A: Patterns in Nature.

Families arrived rugged up and ready to explore the magical patterns found in our natural surrounds. Armed with magnifying glasses and curious minds, the excited children explored different native nuts, leaves, feathers and insect wings. 

Then a slight air of anxiety crept in from the parents, with the anticipation of paint + kids = MESS (good fun creative mess, of course!) as colourful paint pallets were handed out. In a flurry of brush strokes, patterns and imprints of nuts and leaves vibrantly exploded on a sea of paper in every colour of the rainbow. 

The children grinned ear to ear creating their nature patterns. Luckily, a big tub of soapy water was on hand to wash paint stained fingers before satisfied children were bundled into cars to head to home.

These patterns created will then be used for Part B in this two part series which will be our next workshop Weaving with Paper next week. Stay tuned for the results!

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