Weaving with Paper

Rain was forecast for our 8th Weaving Stories of Boodja workshop so we packed our supplies and mustered everyone over to an indoor venue. We worried that we would miss the sounds of nature, the birds calling, wind blowing the leaves in the trees, the crunch of gravel under our feet… but whilst setting up we heard galahs calling from the nearby eucalyptus trees and rain falling softly on the grass… At least we were dry and warm.

This workshop was the second workshop in a two part series, Part B: Weaving with Paper, which was paired with Part A: Exploring Patterns in Nature. In Part A, the children made nature inspired patterns with paint on colourful card paper. Then in Part B they cut their patterned paper into strips to weave with.

To start the children selected from either a Monarch Butterfly or Roe’s Jewel Beetle to weave and parents helped them trace and cut them out. Did you know that both butterflies and Jewel Beetles feed on wildflower nectar and only live for up to 2 weeks!? Next, the parents carefully made slits in the cut out insects so that paper could be woven through whilst the children carefully cut strips of paper of varying sizes.

The children concentrated hard on their creations. Weaving paper in and out… Parents worked with their children, following their lead. Letting them work independently and then stepping in when things got tricky or energy levels dipped.

We enjoyed the afternoon session with the families and felt grateful that even as the seasons change and it starts to get cold and grey, we can still catch moments of vivid colour and beauty.

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