Native Planting

Djilba is here and rainy days are still the norm, but luckily the rain stopped for a couple of hours, enough time to allow us to enjoy our ‘Native Planting’ session last week. 

After enjoying a short break over the school holidays, it was wonderful to see so many beautiful, familiar and new smiling faces joining us for our opening circle! This session was an extra special one, where we could take the time to give back to the surrounding bushland of the Cowaramup Community Garden where we have been working for a large part of this year. 

The children & families were invited to decorate their own plant guard which will protect their plant and create a micro-climate to give the seedling the best opportunity to become established and survive the dryer months of Birak in December & January. We saw a rainbow of colour explode onto the cardboard protectors as children enjoyed being able to freely draw their own designs.

After digging into the soil, adding some native fertiliser and water crystals, little hands worked with their parents to enjoy planting their chosen native plant into the ground.

Once their newly decorated plant guard was erected then the last step was to give the plants a good water to set them into their new home. We even enjoyed the opportunity to work together to remove some weeds from the surrounding area.

Later that afternoon the rain came back and well and truly gave the plants a water into their new location. We are looking forward to seeing the children visit their plants, tend to the area and make sure that they have water through the dryer months. Fingers crossed the seedlings survive and we can enjoy watching them grow and flower year after year.

Another huge THANK YOU to Jeremy & Jackie Ackerman at the Cowaramup Tube Nursery for donating the plants!

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