Clay Impressions & Masked Owls

We gathered an excited group of children and families in the pavilion for workshop number 13, Clay Impressions & Masked Owls. We knew it was going to be a messy one, so thankfully we had set up our clay working space in the outside undercover area to allow for the splats of clay that were inevitable…

…and what a fun session we had!! 

Kids just love the feel of clay between their fingers! We could hear squeals of delight as children carefully pressed their clay into hand sized tiles. 

Baskets of nature’s treasures filled the tables. There were sheoak nuts, acacia seeds, ferns, banksia leaves, wattle blossoms and so much more. The children thoughtfully selected their items which they pressed into their clay, leaving an imprint of their pattern onto its surface. 

These items will be glazed and fired, and we are looking forward to seeing the final results.

We had a large group of children, so we had split the group into two. Whilst one group was getting messy with clay, the other group of children and carers had a fun and colourful time drawing Masked Owls with oil pastels on black card. The owls have so much personality, and we were thrilled at what filled the tables at the end of the session.

Here is a look at some of the final works.

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