Wildflower & Orchid Discovery

It was sunny and warm! So sunny that we all wore our sun hats to take a leisurely stroll with a dozen or so super duper excited kids to discover what wildflowers were growing along the Wadandi Track and to search for elusive orchids.

Joining us for this workshop were two local wildflower and orchid experts Emma McPherson and Sally Garnett who were accompanied by their two mini botanists Mac and Dillon to help us find orchids and identify the wildflowers along the trail. 

As we walked we saw many flowers blooming in the Djilba colours of yellow and blue. And there definitely was a lot of new greenery to be seen. We learnt many interesting facts about native flowers and even carnivorous plants. The Milkmaid wildflower is an ‘orchid impersonator’, sharing some similar characteristics to orchids, and when in bloom are a sign that the spring orchids are on their way.

Hibbertia – Yellow Buttercup
Blue Leschenaultia
Mysterious type of wattle
Drosera – Sundews
Drosera glanduligera
Cotton Heads

Back at our meeting point we set up a brightly coloured wildflower collage activity with coloured and painted paper cut in all different flower-like shapes and sizes.

The children busily assembled their abstract wildflowers using glue and their imagination. Below are some of their wonderful creations.

These flowers will be collaged together to create a forest of flowers for the Weaving Stories of Boodja exhibition happening at the Margaret River Heart in mid 2023.

Oh and we did find some orchids… Green Banded and Rattle Beaks to be precise. 

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