Little Bird Sculptures

What an incredible creative year this has been, how did we get to workshop number 18?! It was another beautiful sunny Saturday in the community garden and we were meeting to create small bird sculptures. We had an excited group of kids and parents join us under the gazebo to explore baskets filled with colourful raffia, pine cones, beads and cotton yarn of varied colours. The making of the birds was going to be a fiddly project, so we needed all parents & kids on board!

The children were invited to select a pine cone to use for the base of their bird. You could already see the personality of the birds coming through the pine cone shapes with their Eucalyptus (Bushy Yate) seed pod beaks already attached. Some birds digging for grubs, some looking to the sky or getting ready for flight.

The next step was to attach wire legs, fill out the body shape with raffia and then get wrapping with colourful cotton yarn. The final stop was to trim the wings and choose the birds eyes.

The families were encouraged to use local bird images as inspiration or to run with the imagination of their kids and create imaginary bird… and it looks like we have created a flock of ‘rainbow magic birds’! They are such a fun collection of sculptures and we look forward to adding them to our greater collection of animals and sharing them with you on our final community day on Saturday November 19th.

Meanwhile over the last couple of weeks the year 2/3’s, 3’s and 4’s at Cowaramup Primary School have been enthusiastically helping us weave the frog and possum sculpture, create snake scales and make a flight of dragonflies. It has been such a fun process working with these little Cowie creatives and we are very grateful for the support of school principal Peter Howse.

If your child has missed booking a place for the cultural workshop, please put your name down on the waiting list via Humanitix. The gates to the gardens will also be open for a general public viewing of the animal sculptures between 3:30pm – 4:30pm. See you there!

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